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Holiday Gift Shop Guarantees


Holiday Gift Shop program are “kid priced” with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


If you run low on certain items send in your reorder and we deliver them to you at no charge!


FREE Self-sealing Gift Bags in three sizes.


You only pay for the merchandise you sell and return all unsold product.

Promotional Materials

FREE (Flyers, Posters & Money envelopes)

FREE Cash Register

use of a SCANNING Cash Register

NEW Merchandise

NEW Line of Merchandise every year / SIGNING BONUSES!

Our Holiday Shop Event:

Our exclusive Holiday Gift Shop is a wonderful service program that has been a tradition for school-age children for over 45 years. Fun Services provides everything for your parent volunteers to set up a successful and smooth running “gift store” in your school. With assistance from parent volunteers, children are able to select gifts for their family in a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment. In addition to the thrills and excitement of choosing a loved one’s gift in “secret” – all by themselves – your students will embark on a unique learning experience involving the following skills; counting and saving money, budgeting, communication and decision making skills.

Merchandise is on consignment – You pay after your program for any gifts not returned. There are NO other costs or fees! We are called Fun Services for a reason–we service our customers. Our friendly, professional, and helpful staff is always ready to help you.

Holiday Shop Items 



Holiday Shop Web Portal

Manage your committees entire holiday shop event

with our free state of the art software system


Features Include :

  • Ability to view every item in your kit - see cost, quantity and box number item will come in

  • Manage your delivery & pickup dates 

  • Place re-orders

  • Print your price code sheet 

  • Connect your mark up to our free cash register app using your credentials

  • Print item labels

  • Place your returns

  • Close out your shop / view entire pack out sheet 

Holiday Shop Delivery Trucks 

Free Delivery & Pickup

We deliver and picks up all merchandise at

NO charge!

All deliveries and picks up are made with our NJ Fun Services vehicles 


If you run low on certain items
send in your reorder and we deliver them to you at no charge!

We do not use any 3rd party delivery companies.

This ensures your reorders will be there first thing in the morning!!